It is a medium-textured, slow-growing, warm-season (C4) grass that spreads by stolons and rhizomes.
Adapted to tropical and subtropical climates. Needs a minimum temperature of 18°C in the soil to
germinate. Goes dormant in temperatures below 10°C. Maximum tolerance to heat, drought and
salinity conditions. Sustainable turf. Must be sown alone with 25°C in the soil to speed up

  • Finer leaf texture and less mowing.
  • 60% water saving compared to other cool-season grass varieties (C3).
  • Mowing height is between 10-30mm, and has a moderate to high shade tolerance.

Uses: Public and private lawns looking for low maintenance, less mowing, regular wear, shade,
minimum water availability and less input.

– Medium leaf texture. Faster to establish than any vegetative variety: 3-4 months in summertime
– Outstanding drought tolerance.
– 4-5 mowings per year are enough.