• It is the variety with the highest shade tolerance among warm-season grass varieties. It forms grass texture in areas that receives 2 to 3 hours of direct or indirect sunlight. It performs exceptionally in sunny or semi-shady areas.
  • Although it is a variety that is capable of forming a very deep root system,
    its coarse leaf texture makes it unpreferable especially in football fields and some landscaping areas.

Advantages of St. Augustine Variety

  • It prevents weed growth, is the warm-season variety with the highest shade-tolerance, has low water and fertilizer needs in warm seasons, and is affected adversely by excessive watering. It is resistant to
    diseases and pests, requires infrequent mowing, and gives the desired homogeneous lawn appearance.

Brief Information on St. Augustine;

  • It goes dormant later compared to other varieties. It is planted only with seedlings; seedlings are recommended to be planted beginning from spring until the end of summer. It covers the area in 6 to
    8 months if a regular fertilization and watering program is followed.