It is a warm-season grass (C4) forming a dense, fine textured turf. A minimum temperature of 18°C in
the soil is needed for germination. It goes dormant below 4°C, depending on crop management. It
displays rhizomatous and stoloniferous growth habit. Its greatest strength is its outstanding salt
tolerance compared to other bermuda varieties. However, its difficult management and care makes
it unpreferable unless absolutely necessary.

  • Quick establishment
  • Fairly grater shade tolerance than Bermuda.
  • Fine leaf texture
  • Resistant to Spring Dead Spot, Dollar Spot and Brown Patch.
  • Sterile. Does not produce seeds in Turkey conditions.
  • Calcium and Manganese fertilizers should be used careful especially during establishment period.
  • Has half the nitrogen need compared to Bermuda grass.

Use: Salty areas. Reclaimed water irrigation areas, football fields, racetracks, tees, fairways, rough,
public and private lawns. Should be sown alone with temperatures above 18°C in the soil.