Deeper color – fast germination and coverage
  • High traffic tolerance
  • Ideal for low-maintenance situations
  • The best establishment rate
  • Moderate shade tolerance
  • Excellent winter growing variety with an easy spring transition
  • Dark-colored
Quick recovery 
  • Fine leaf texture with excellent seeding vigor and establishment
  • Perfect summer performance with maximum drought tolerance
  • Medium-colored
  • Wear-tolerant.
  • Quick recovery from traffic
Maximum drought tolerance
  • Dwarf variety Upright growth and fine leaf texture
  • High tolerance to heat and salinity conditions (Up to 15,000 ppm)
  • Medium -to dark- green color
The new generation never seen before
  • RINOVO is a unique and outstanding variety developed at RUTGERS UNIVERSITY.
  • The raw material origin of the variety has been collected in many areas of the world where perennial rye is under high pressure from heat, salt and traffic.
  • The result is a variety never seen before.
  • Production is being undertaken in very specific fields under exhaustive quality controls in order to obtain the best product.
  • Exceptional variety No.1 NETP in multiple advanced traits.
  • It is a later maturity variety and avoids steamy appearance during late springtime.
  • The strongest persistence under
  • Mediterranean summers.
  • Highly heat-tolerant.
  • RINOVO demonstrated great spreading abiity that makes it very dense over time, specifically in summer.
  • Unbeatable salt resistance.
  • Excellent gray leaf spot and brown patch resistance.
  • Number one in traffic tolerance
  • Dark green color
  • Fine leaf texture
  • Over 90% endophyte level
  • Good resistance to surface and crown-feeding insects such as webworms, army worms, bill bugs and others.
  • Recommended for improving the quality and persistence of any mixture with Lolium Perenne.
  • Exceptionally high seed count (662 seeds/gram), 20% reduced sowing rate