The recommended dosage is mixed into 15-20 liters of water in a separate container and transferred to the storage unit of the fertilization tank. The tank is then filled to completion, the final mixture is stirred and sprayed on the plants.

Points to Consider and Storage
• Do not exceed the recommended dose.
• Store it inside the original sealed container in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. Do not swallow.
• Do not bring into contact with eyes, face and skin. Wash your hands with plenty of water after use.
• Leaf and soil analysis is recommended before use.
Store between • 0 – 35.
• The manufacturer is not liable for damages due to misuse of the product.
• Keep away from children, animals and foodstuff.
• Preserves its physical, chemical and biological properties for a minimum of 3 years when kept sealed in normal storage conditions.
• Soil and/or leaf analysis is recommended before fertilizer use.




Citrus Fruits

Applied 2 to 3 times starting from inflorescence period.

250-300 cc/da


Applied 3 to 4 times starting from offshoot activity until unripe grape setting period.

150-200 cc/da


Applied 3 to 4 times at 15 to 20 day-intervals starting from seeding period.

150-200 gr/da


Applied 2 to 3 times at 15 day-intervals after reaching

4- or 5-leaf period.

200-250 cc/da

Greenhouse Plants

Applied 2 to 4 times starting from planting period until final harvest.

200-250 cc/da


Open Field Vegetables

Applied 2 to 3 times at 10 to 15 day-intervals starting from

inflorescence period.


150-200 cc/da

Fruit Trees

Applied 2 to 3 times at 2 week-intervals starting from offshoot activity.

200-250 cc/da


Applied twice throughout growth period.

150-200 cc/da


Applied 2 to 3 times at 15 day-intervals during early growth stages.

150-200 cc/da



Applied 2 to 3 times starting after 2 to 6-leaf period until

stem growth period.


200-250 cc/da



Applied twice in total, first at the start of tillering and second during

bolting period.

150-200 cc/da

Cut Flowers

Applied every 2 to 3 weeks

150-200 cc/da


Green Areas / Grass


Applied at 20 to 30-day intervals starting from spring


150-200 cc/da

Seed Application

Depending on the seed size, 1 to 5 cc of BELLA is mixed into 1 liter of water and the seeds are left to rest for 1-2 hours. Planting is carried out after seeds become slightly dry.


Usage Suggestions